Financial Update

A Community Center Update

We always thought the next iteration of ministry for Parkview’s Collective would necessitate a physical structure to house our programming. The dream was / is to move beyond educational, school based programs to serving entire family systems. Subsequently, building a community center was one of the primary visions behind the Table Campaign.

As many of us have experienced, 18 months of pandemic has demanded flexibility, innovation, and Spirit-dependence. It’s caused us to evaluate and reconsider previously held assumptions.

All of this led us into a continuing partnership with New Hope Church. The church has graciously provided physical space that accommodates our programming needs and we have generously provided necessary improvements to their facilities. While this partnership was unexpected, we realize an on-going partnership with New Hope actually allows us both to better serve the families of North Villa Park.

Partnering with a local church provides a balance of flexibility and stability. Flexibility by not purchasing land or building a structure, we can stretch our financial resources further than expected. A partnership also offers stability in that our programs have usable space for the foreseeable future. The Collective also benefits from the great reputation and longevity of New Hope’s work in the community.

At the same time, we’re investing in a local body of fellow-believers who live in the immediate neighborhood. We now have the opportunity to see New Hope and Parkview people serving alongside each other.

With this partnership in place, we now have access to space outside of District 45 facilities and their limitations. This has allowed us to begin dreaming again. Centrally located, New Hope is within walking distance of two of the schools we serve. We are now imagining new after school programs, summer camps, adult classes, neighborhood events, cookouts, and more. Our partnership with New Hope provides a more sustainable, community engaging, and effective long- term ministry.

Is this what we initially envisioned? Not exactly. But we are reminded how God says, “My thoughts are not your thoughts. Neither are my ways your ways.” God does unexpected things in unexpected ways. While it may be a bit disappointing to hear we’re not [at this point] building a brand-new community center, we hope you will join us in recognizing and celebrating how God has provided what is currently needed.

Building Update

Your generosity to the Table Campaign is also allowing for needed improvements to Parkview’s campus and facilities. It’s been years since we’ve had a physical sign out in front of the property. In fact, we’ve heard numerous stories of people driving past our building never realizing it was a church! It wasn’t until roadside banners for Alpha and Care & Recovery prompted them to even take notice.

We are excited to share how the Table Campaign has allowed us to provide backlighting for our cross, and a new church sign is coming later this fall! Our prayer is that when our sign goes up and the cross is illuminated at night, God will use them to catch the attention of drivers who have passed our property countless times. We hope this might lead them inside and find the hope, healing, and community unique to God’s Church.

GIVING To DaTe: 2,075,654.10

PLeDGes To DaTe: $3,034,057.00

Final numbers were recorded by 08/2021.


The Collective’s annual Summer Camp in Villa Park included a new Student Leadership Program this year, which provided middle school students an opportunity to gain and practice leadership skills. This included learning to communicate effectively, lead large group activities, assist program volunteers, and support younger elementary students in a classroom setting.

These middle school student leaders became role models to the younger program participants, to the point where some younger students expressed a desire to become a student leader once they entered middle school!

During weekly training sessions, student leaders engaged
in self and group reflections and were challenged to apply critical feedback to improve their leadership skills and the cohesiveness of the team. Program staff were elated to see the commitment and growth made from these promising students.

We continue to hear how our middle schoolers learned “to be leaders” at camp!

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Stewardship and generous giving is an important way we know the grace of God has taken hold of us. The Apostle Paul makes this point repeatedly when writing to Christians about their generosity.

He says, “Because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, others will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else.” Don’t underestimate the significance of your generosity. It’s an act of worship and obedience as well as a prime indicator that the grace of Jesus has changed your life.

- Ray

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