As we all struggle through this crisis and long for a sense of normalcy, the ministry of The Table Campaign remains steadfast. 

Suspension of limitation on cash gifts:
Taxpayers must normally limit their current charitable deduction of cash gifts to no more than 60% of their adjusted gross income. For 2020 only, individuals making cash gifts to a public charity may elect to increase this limit to 100% of their adjusted gross income. This is an opportunity for those planning major cash gifts to eliminate or greatly reduce income taxes in 2020. 
Unfortunately, this expanded limitation does not apply to gifts to donor advised funds or supporting organizations. Deductions for gifts of appreciated securities will be subject to their normal limitation of 30% of adjusted gross income. For 2020 only, the limitation on corporate cash gifts has been increased from 10% to 25% of taxable income.

We’re asking you to do 3 simple things in this process.
PRAY – Ask God how he wants to lead you towards generosity in this season.
COMMIT – When you’ve heard from God, and decided in your heart what to give we ask you to commit to it with confidence.
GIVE – Give expectantly, trusting God for the how.

100% of those who call Parkview home to engage in the journey!

The Table Campaign is an “over and above” commitment – this means we are challenging 100% of people who attend Parkview to give over and above their normal giving. For some, who have never made a financial commitment to Parkview, this will be Faith-Raising experience.

What a great question! If you have never made a financial gift to Parkview, The Table Campaign is a GREAT place to start. We are asking 100% of Parkview to join this movement….and that means you! We know this is a big step and will require great faith. We are here to pray with you and resource you in any way we can to be a part of this movement.

Yes. We would welcome gifts of appreciated assets and gifts-in-kind. If you would like to talk more about this, please contact us at

The Table Campaign is a 2-year commitment.

The Table Campaign is an accelerated generosity movement. We are challenging all of Parkview, for the two years, to increase their generosity. We believe if 100% of us work together and grow together we will be able to make more room at the table. This is more than bricks and mortar; it is about faith. It’s about growing our faith and increasing our trust in God to provide.

The plan is three-fold. First, we believe God is calling us to build a Community Center in North Villa Park to house the work of The Parkview Collective and expand our impact into the entire community.  Second, we intend to establish a fund called The Peacemakers Fund to help Parkview families who want to adopt, or foster realized their calling.  The Peacemakers Fund will also help provide scholarships to various learning opportunities at Parkview.  Finally, we have some capital improvements that need to be made on or site in Glen Ellyn. 

We are still working through the actual cost of these things, but we think the total is around $5.5 million dollars.   

The Community Center will be around 12,000 square feet.

Yes! One of the best parts of the community center will be space for YOU to live out the things God has called you to do.

While we can never be certain about timelines and construction details, our intention is to break ground in the Spring of 2020 and will likely take about a year to build.

YES. The $5.5 million includes land purchase and several years of operating budget.

Our goal is to raise the entire $5.5 million to fully cover the costs of all the objectives.

YES.  We have always said we want to BE the church before we DO church.  After 9 years of serving this community we believe the community center could be used as a second location for Parkview which would allow us to grow.