Hope in the One Who is Victorious

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Day 23

The Table Campaign, 35 Day Devotional

Andy Klenke, Local-Global and Teaching Pastor

Read Romans 8:31-38.

Growing up, my brother used to say something to me when we were competing that drove me crazy. At the start of a “match,” Steve would always say, “Andy, you are just prolonging the inevitable”–the inevitable being that I would be ultimately lose. 

Steve was right. 

Being four years older than me, he beat me at just about everything. At the start of most competitions, I would assume my end result was defeat and my role was simply to last as long as I could before my eventual downfall. How depressing… 

I wonder, however, how many of us think this way in our own lives? How many of us assume we are doomed to sin, wired to disappoint, destined for grief, or guaranteed to fail? How many of us start our days, our seasons, with the expectation of frustration, heartbreak, and defeat? 

As followers of Jesus, however, we have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit! While this doesn’t mean life will be easy or that we “win” in every circumstance—Scripture never promises that—it does mean we can start each day with hope in the one who is victorious.

When you are feeling defeated this week, commit to claiming this truth: you are not predestined to fail. In fact, because of Jesus, you have the ability to grow in your love, joy, holiness, and contentment! 

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