July 2020 Financial Update

Final numbers were recorded by 05/10/2020.

A Message From Dave

God continues to faithfully provide for the efforts of the Table Campaign throughout this season. Giving to the Table has remained on track – a beautiful testament to your faith and generosity. This season has also been a reminder of the need for these things we’re pursuing. As families face homeschooling, childcare emergencies, and food insecurity, we are trying to meet needs now while also dreaming of what a community center could someday mean for them. Included in this update are several stories of God’s provision and the faith-raising impact the Table can have on our lives. We are grateful to be on this journey with you.

Yours in Christ,


The Parkview Collective provides an academic intervention program at North and Schaefer Elementary Schools. In the program at North School this year, 91% of the students increased their MAP testing scores in math! Volunteers assist the students in completing their math homework and practicing basic math facts. One of the students had previously been enrolled in other intervention programs with no improvements, but since enrolling in the Collective she, too, has seen an increase in her scores. Assistant Principal Ritchie has expressed deep gratitude for what the Collective is doing in North school.

Way to go on getting those scores up!

Walls come down

As a part of the facility improvements needed to be made at Parkview Community Church, the far house on the property has been needing to come down. Because of your generostiy, we were finally able to say “goodbye” to the house and demolished it in the month of February.

Final numbers were recorded by 05/10/2020.​


Generosity can take place in many forms. Joe and Mary DiCola had planned a family vacation this year. However, after hearing about the needs of our community through The Table Campaign, they decided to sacrificially give their vacation fund as a contribution instead.

“We gave to The Table Campaign because we believe God can work miracles through obedience to His call! We are so excited to see how God works through His people to call others to a relationship with Him as Parkview shares His Love!”

Joe and Mary DiCola