Kids Devotional – Week 4

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Written by Justin Wilke, Elementary & Kids Camp Director 

BIBLE STORY: Genesis 13:1-18 

BIG IDEA: Choose God, even when it’s hard. 

KEY VERSE: “After Lot left, the Lord said to Abram, ‘Look all around you. Look north and south and east and west. All this land that you see I will give to you and your descendants.’” -Genesis 13:14-15 

OVERVIEW: Abram and his nephew, Lot, had been traveling around together for several years and their families, servants, and herds had grown really BIG! So big, they could no longer travel together, because there wasn’t enough land to support them. Abram and Lot went up to the top of a nearby hill where they could see all of the land around them; they could see the land that was good, and the land that didn’t look very good. Instead of going first so he could pick the good land, Abram let Lot pick first. Abram chose God by letting Lot pick first. He knew that whatever land he received would be the land God wanted him to have, even if it didn’t seem like the best. The coolest part of the story is, God rewarded Abram for choosing Him! We can choose God too, even when it’s tough. When we let someone else get the first slice of cake, we’re choosing God. When we give our toys to someone who doesn’t have toys, we’re choosing God. Even when we don’t get mad at our little sister for wrecking our Lego set, we’re choosing God. Choosing God isn’t always easy, and sometimes it doesn’t even seem fair, but choosing God is always the right thing to do. 

KEY QUESTION: When do you struggle to choose God? 

ACTIVITY: Play a game of “Would you Rather?”. For example, ask “Would you rather have no TV or no candy for an entire year?” Play a few rounds and give everyone a chance to come up with questions. Then explain this silly game helps us realize that making choices can be difficult. While the choices in the game didn’t actually affect us, sometimes in life we have to make choices that do have an effect on us. Choosing God can be tough because it might mean not getting what we want, or people making fun of us, or our friends thinking we’re uncool or boring. Even if it’s hard, choosing God is always the right thing to do.