Kids Devotional – Week 5

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Written by Justin Wilke, Elementary & Kids Camp Director 

BIBLE STORY: Genesis 21:1-7. Supported by Genesis 18:1-15. 

BIG IDEA: I can trust God even when I don’t know how things will work out. 

KEY VERSE: “Sarah became pregnant. She had a son by Abraham when he was old. The child was born at the exact time God had promised” -Genesis 21:2 

OVERVIEW: In Genesis 18, we read Abraham was visited by God and was told he and his wife Sarah would one day have a son. When Sarah heard this, she laughed! Why? Because she was too old to have a child and didn’t know how this incredible thing could possibly happen. Well, not long after God told Abraham this amazing plan, Sarah became pregnant with a son. Exactly one year after God’s visit to Abraham, Sarah gave birth to a boy who she named Isaac. Isaac was living proof that God could be trusted even when Abraham and Sarah didn’t know how things would work out. It seemed impossible Sarah would have a child at her age, and yet, God kept His promise and showed that He could be trusted. 

KEY QUESTION: What is something you think God knows that you don’t know? 

ACTIVITY: Grab some aluminum foil and let everyone tear off a piece. Then shape that piece into a question mark. Everyone will have a different size question mark depending on the size of the piece they took. Once everyone is done, read Genesis 18:1-15. Then ask some of the questions below. 

QUESTIONS: What are some questions you think Abraham had after his conversation with God? What about Sarah, what questions might she have had? Do you think it was easy or hard for Abraham and Sarah to trust God when they had so many questions? What is something you can trust God with even when you have questions? What can you do to help you trust God when you don’t know how things will work out?