Financial Update

When you set out to serve and empower an entire community, you need three things: money, time, and partners. For ten years, Parkview has worked as an advocate for the community of North Villa Park. What started as an investment of time into the school district has grown into a web of care serving dozens of families.

Parkview, has pledged and given generously to support the work of The Collective and the establishment of a community center in Villa Park. As you will see, the Table Campaign ended 2020 right on track! We are halfway there and so grateful for your faithful, sacrificial giving.

So there’s time and money. What about partners? God has shown faithful again, orchestrating just the partnership needed for this next phase of ministry in Villa Park. Over the past few years, we have built a friendship with New Hope Community Church, led by Pastor Mike Klamecki and Mike Black located in the very center of the schools we serve.

This season of Covid left us needing to solve a new problem – how do we continue serving students without being physically present in the schools? As we wrote in our last Quarterly Update, this led to the launch of The Collective Academy, an in- person educational support program for kids in the midst of e-learning. Demand for The Collective Academy has been high, and we found ourselves in need of physical space where we could host our programming for elementary and middle school students.

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While Parkview needed space, New Hope Community Church found itself in need of auditorium renovations they had dreamed about for years. In praying over next steps, it became clear this was an opportunity for both churches to serve each other. New Hope had the ability to provide safe and semi-permanent physical space to house the early stages of a community center and Parkview had the financial ability to complete needed renovations, both serving the congregation of New Hope AND providing a space for which students can be proud! Renovations are well underway and set to complete in April. They include painting, carpet installation, stage work, wifi and electrical, and purchasing of new chairs, tables, and couches.

We are grateful for the provision of needs and can’t wait to see where this leads.

Although a large piece of the initiative, The Table Campaign is about more than just the work of the Collective. We have set aside funds to help another community that is often under-resourced and overlooked. A portion of the Table Campaign’s income is for The Peacemakers Fund. These resources are to assist Parkview families who wish to foster or adopt children – another thing we won’t be able to do without the proper partners. Over the past six months, we have been vetting several organizations we intend to partner with as we once again move into an unfamiliar space.

GIVING To DaTe: $1,795,655.62

PLeDGes To DaTe: $3,034,057.00

Final numbers were recorded by 02/28/2021.

A Message from A collective staff member

We are now seeing significant improvement – both in grades and general outlook. It has been wonderful to see each of our students’ happiness as they arrive. We’ve branched out from the virtual world to incorporate other activities improving retention, understanding, and focus. Chess, puzzles and board games have captured their interest and created a familiar and engaging environment that fosters respect and trust. One of my students dedicated himself to learning chess so effectively, he has already achieved a victory against me!

Thanks to all of Parkview – for your love to the community and for providing an opportunity to be a part of the Great Commission. Jesus is with us. God bless you.

Daniel Limas

After School Program Educator

The Educational Impact of the collective academy

March 15th, 2020 will remain in my mind forever – the day we were asked to begin remote learning. This date and subsequent months have rocked my world. Filled my world with fear, anxiety and doubt. I am 53 years old. I have a hard time processing this. Imagine being in Elementary or Middle School trying to make sense and deal with this darkness.

The Collective Academy has replaced the darkness with light for MANY children and their families. The Academy showed children that when things get bad, there are others who are willing to stand and walk with them. It’s a safe place to complete school work and get help if needed. But more than that, the Academy relieves stress, fear and concern from parents. The Collective Academy has created a situation where parents don’t have to worry about how they will supervise their child in this new world of elearning school and work all at the same time.

The work of the Academy has created light in the darkness for many. It shows that people care, despite life challenges and fears. With no motive other than to love and help your neighbor. This is the “stuff” that cannot be measured, yet can be life changing. The Academy has been a gift.

I cannot thank you enough for helping North’s students and showing them love.

Joe ritchie

assistant Principal
North elementary school

“Adrian is able to get work done at the program while socializing and interacting with friends and adults. he learns about relationships and how to treat teachers, which is good practice for when he is back in the classroom.”

Schafer Parent of 4th grade student Tweet

“My family has been blessed with the service provided by all of you. It takes off a lot of the distractions that make it difficult to learn at home. I am truly grateful for this program. With us having a large family, it is hard to keep on task with so much going on at home. I think you’re doing a great job. I appreciate all you all do.”

Schafer Parent of 1st + 2nd grade student Tweet

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