Multiplying Your Gifts

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Day 34

The Table Campaign, 35 Day Devotional

Rachel Bartlett, Parkview Event Care Coordinator

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells a parable of a man who gave his money to three servants. While the man was gone, each servant was responsible for a different amount of money based on their ability level. When two servants with larger amounts doubled what they were each given, the man was overjoyed. But the servant with the smallest amount was afraid and buried his money in the ground. When the man found out, he took away the money and banished the servant from his estate.

How many times do we let fear get in the way of God’s calling? 

God prompted me to invite someone to a church event a couple of years ago. I was at Denny’s with my friends, and noticed a woman I knew from the gym. I thought about inviting her and her kids to Parkview’s Easter Egg hunt, but I didn’t reach out because I felt uncomfortable. However, she came to the event anyway, and I missed out on the opportunity to be part of God’s bigger story. 

There will always be an excuse, a reason why burying the gold seems like a good idea. When we take our resources and hide them, we miss out on the blessing that comes from investing them.

Read 2 Timothy 1:6-7.

  • What talents or resources have you promised to God, but sit unused?
  • What fears are keeping you from opening your time/talents/resources to God?
  • What action steps can you take to start multiplying your gifts?

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