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Here is how we are making room

$4.5 Million

God is calling us to build a Community Center in Villa Park designed to meet the needs of The Parkview Collective AND the community in an expanded way.  The work of The Collective is making a difference in students lives, but we are being called to do more. What would it look like if we created a community center where kids and parents could grow together? One spot where their educational, emotional, social and even spiritual needs could be met.


The Peacemakers Fund will be established to provide grants to Parkview families who want to adopt or foster children. Right now, in DuPage County, there are hundreds of children in foster care. Imagine what would happen to their journey, to their future possibilities, if we made room at the table for them. Additionally, the Peacemakers Fund will be used to provide scholarships to Parkview people who want to dig deeper in their spiritual journey by engaging with one of our international partners.


This third priority is for much needed capital improvements to our facility in Glen Ellyn, including things like signage, tearing down one of the two houses, improving the parking lot, and external lighting. These are a few of the projects designed to help us be good stewards of the resource God has given us.

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