October 2020 Financial Update

Final numbers were recorded on 10/01/2020

A Message from Alison and Chantel

For the first time, in 10 years, we are not hosting programs on school campuses in Villa Park.  Nonetheless, having the pleasure of cultivating deeper relationships with approximately 30 kids is better than we ever imagined.

We covet your prayers as we transition into this new season while continuing to invest in the lives of our families.  Thank you for your continued support and generosity throughout this time.  We could not have done this without your financial support and your prayers.  It has made all the world of difference.  Thank you so much!

Safe Online Learning

Since Villa Park schools have gone 100% remote this Fall, we have adapted our program to serve the current needs of students in Villa Park. 

We are providing a in-person learning program called The Collective Academy. This is a safe and fun learning environment conducive to self-guided learning run by certified teachers. We will be providing this at no cost to our students.

Previously our program served 200 students, but this year we are planning to dig deep with just a few, which will be different than anything we have ever done before.

Equip A Child

This year we asked for your help in serving families in Villa Park, specifically for The Collective Academy. 

You showed up and supplied School Empowerment Kits to 30 kids and supplied a van load of extra supplies to another school.

Final numbers were recorded by 10/01/2020.

From Jackie and Wes Jakacki

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“It’s been an interesting time of learning to wait on the Lord and having expectations change, both with the Table Campaign and with our adoption. They are both really good things that God blessed into being. When Covid-19 hit, it seemed at first to really have thrown a wrench into all these good plans. However, we know God wasn’t surprised by Covid-19 like we were. He is still at work and will accomplish that which glorifies Him. Maybe differently than we imagined, maybe at a different pace, but God’s plans will succeed as He wants.”


From Tim and Melissa Drechsel

“We have been learning that God provides. Especially for the last four months, God has provided a place for us to live when we had to leave our house due to water damage. Every time we think we may need to suspend our contributions to both the Table Campaign and other organizations that we believe in and care about, God comes through and helps meet our needs so that we can continue.”