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The Peacemakers Fund

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” - Matthew 5:9

In the early days of the Table, the excitement around our coming Peacemakers Fund was so encouraging. This fund was to be a way of supporting Parkview people taking steps into peacemaking – advancing God’s Kingdom on earth by heading straight into the broken places. Specifically, we were setting aside funds to offer grants to individuals welcoming kids through adoption and foster care and individuals advancing reconciliation through cross-cultural experiences. Read below and visit to learn more.

Adoption and Foster Care
We know the need for fostering and adoptive parents throughout our community and our world is great. We also know our biblical call to care for the orphan is clear. Through our Peacemakers Fund, we are now in a position to offer financial support to individuals and families within our church who are embarking on this journey.

We have partnered with a great organization called Lifesong for Orphans who, for 20 years now, have come alongside churches doing this very work. Lifesong essentially serves as an intermediary between a church with funds and individual families, with them having the legal ability to award grants. At no additional cost to Parkview, they are now serving as the gateway for Parkview families to access grants from our Peacemakers Fund.

So when a Parkview family feels the call to adopt or foster and lets us know, we have a small team ready to sit down to hear their story, discover ways we might best support them, and connect them with Lifesong to receive financial support directly from our Peacemakers Fund.

While the fund is established and ready to be used, it’s also become clear there will be a need for us to support adoptive and fostering families beyond financial grants. Welcoming kids from tough places is…tough. The need for support goes beyond finances. What if we could wrap around these families within our church community and offer care in the form of regular meals, respite, prayer, counseling resources and more? We’re imagining the possibilities while working alongside some Parkview people who have experience and expertise in this field.

Please join us in praying the Lord would continue to shed light on our next best step as we prepare to pilot some of these supports with our first family accessing a grant from the Peacemakers Fund.

Cross-Cultural Experiences

We believe cross cultural experiences are key in helping develop peacemakers. Whether we travel to the Middle East or engage with people from different cultures in our own communities, we should constantly be striving to better understand the world around us and the role we can play in bringing peace to a hurting world. The Peacemakers Fund makes resources available for those that wish to embrace diversity and take seriously the call of Jesus to be peacemakers in a world full of conflict.

Currently, Parkview offers occasional trips with an organization called Telos. Telos curates experiences both in Israel/Palestine as well as the American South to form communities of American peacemakers across lines of difference, and equip them to help reconcile seemingly intractable conflicts at home and abroad. Historically, participants in a Telos trip have benefited tremendously from the perspective gained and tools acquired from their experience. The Peacemakers Fund will be used to help offset the cost of a trip and create a culture of peacemaking as people return from their experience. In the future, we hope to offer more opportunities to engage with cross-cultural experiences through our partners and other organizations that share our same vision around peacemaking.

Please join us in praying that these cross-cultural experiences will help people better understand, empathize, and serve the world around them.

GIVING To DaTe: $2,160,682.04

PLeDGes To DaTe: $3,034,057.00

Final numbers were recorded by 08/2021.

Collective Middle School Program

This year was our seventh year operating After School Programs in Villa Park, and they’ve looked very different from years past. While we haven’t been able to be physically present in the schools due to Covid, we have a wonderful space in New Hope, allowing us to launch our first full year of Middle School After School Programming. When we were bound to physical school buildings, offering continuity in care for students as they transitioned from Elementary to Middle School was limited. Because of our space in New Hope, we are coming up on our second year of being able to seamlessly serve students as they enter a new grade level.

Each of the kids in our Middle School Program we have worked with before, so coming into this year, we had a unique relationship with each already. During our day together, we spend time in – what we affectionately call – “family time”, where we talk about what is going on in their lives. We teach life skills and host guest speakers to share on career paths. There is time for homework, followed by a time for student-directed activities, which tend to be sports or chess. These ten kids in our program are absolutely phenomenal. They’re determined, funny, and a joy to be around. The space we facilitate allows them to be themselves and have genuine conversations and friendships without the pressures they face at home and in the classroom. We’re excited for what God has in store for the rest of this year and for these students!

TableCamp Statement Oct 2021 (V


Recently we’ve begun planning and preparing for a Table Campaign celebration event where we’ll gather to give thanks for everything that was accomplished by your generosity. As we take a look back across these past two years, I am blown away. Thank you for going on this journey with us. Thank you for giving so sacrificially. Thank you for pivoting with us when plans changed. Thank you for making room at your table. We’re grateful for these past two years with you, and we can’t wait to hear how the Lord has worked in your lives through this journey as we gather to celebrate in the new year. For now, reserve the evening of Sunday, January 23rd on your calendar!

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