Shining God’s Light

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Day 29

The Table Campaign, 35 Day Devotional

Jerri Gapastione, NEXT Team Member and TWV Runner

I don’t know about you, but I have committed to, and grown from, many of Parkview’s teachings, over the small groups I have been in, volunteering during “Everybody Does,” working with kids in a Villa Park school, serving in the First Impressions ministry and partnering with Team World Vision to bring clean water and education to people around the world. Our church offers us many ways to use our gifts to celebrate God and grow as disciples. 

Read 1 Peter 4:10. 

Parkview has a plan to help impact children along the North Avenue corridor, their families, their teachers, and local communities through our generosity. Many of us already give to Parkview, sponsor a child through a Christian organization, or support a missionary. But this offering is a special commitment because it allows us to make a difference right in our backyard. Through this endeavor, we have another opportunity to show our love of the Lord. 

Read Proverbs 11:24. 

I look forward to helping Parkview share the love of Jesus with people in a neighboring community. It’s exciting to think how a simple commitment from each of us can give kids a leg up on life, while shining God’s light through our works. 

Read Isaiah 58:10.

What impact has your giving – resources, time, or energy – had on others? How has it impacted you? 

What are you willing to commit – resources, time, energy, prayer – to help God’s light “rise in the darkness”? 

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