Steadfast Commitment

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Day 33

The Table Campaign, 35 Day Devotional

Jerri Gapastione, NEXT Team Member and TWV Runner

Let’s go back to a well known Bible hero. Noah. Think hot, dry desert. Noah knew God, made Him Master of his life and was obedient. For him, obedience meant a long term commitment to a project. Can you imagine all the questioning and jeering from the people he grew up with? He was building a ship on land and claiming a massive flood was coming. This was not just a commitment to a wonderful Creator whom he believed in, but a commitment that was hard, like being the town “crazy man”. And a commitment to being the only believer….the only one who still believed, trusted, and talked with God. 

Feeling alone in a long task takes a deep commitment and trust in the one you are committing to! For me, I love remembering Noah. He was so close to God, no matter what this world said to him, no matter how tough the situation, no matter how people laughed at him, being committed and obedient was worth more in the end than anything else. What a good example!

What in your life is tough and needs your steadfast commitment? 

What can you do today to draw closer to God?

Are you close and committed enough to God, that if He would ask you to build an ark in the desert you would say, “absolutely”?

Has God asked you to build an “ark in the desert”? If so, unlike Noah, you’re not alone. There are multiple believers that can listen, understand, and support you right here at Parkview.

Read Genesis 6:9.

Read Jeremiah 17:7-8.

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