God has a way of showing up at tables.

From the Passover table to the Communion table, we see the heart of Jesus. When the table is mentioned in Scripture, we see a familiar place filled with hospitality, a place of humble servitude, and an ever-expanding table where there is always room for more.

For Jesus, the table is a place where the broken find connection. In Jesus’ life we see him sharing a table with sinners and saints, the greedy and the generous, the rich and the poor, the popular and the rejected, the righteous and the unrighteous. We see him ALWAYS MAKING SPACE AT THE TABLE FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

As a church, we need to speak the words of the master. “Go to the country roads. Whoever you find, drag them in. I want my house full!” (Luke 14:23) It is this biblical concept that is at the very core of The Table Campaign.

God is calling us to make room at the table for everyone.

Primary Goal: 100% Engagement

More than anything, The Table Campaign is a discipleship initiative. Together, we want to learn new things about God and about ourselves. Can you imagine what would happen if every single person at Parkview chooses to engage and grow in generosity, becoming more like Christ?

Secondary Goal: $5.5 Million

Over the next two years, the goal of The Table Campaign is to raise $5.5 million. These funds will allow us at Parkview to build and fund the operation of a Community Center, to establish the Peacemakers Fund, and to complete capital improvements on our facility.